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Ben Smith, Hilt and Cross

About the Instructor

Ben Smith, the instructor of the Hilt and Cross, specializes in teaching the longsword style of Sigmund Ringeck. Ringeck’s style, recorded in several known versions, gives us one of the most complete interpretations of the fighting style developed by Johannes Liechtenauer, founder of the Society of Liechtenauer. Famous for its efficient and aggressive fighting style, they became one of the most well known longsword styles in their day, and in the modern day.

The Hilt & Cross also teaches sword and buckler in the style of Lignitzer. This fighting style, attached to some of the sources in the Liechtenauer tradition, offers what is probably one of the oldest styles of swordsmanship that we have record of. This style emphasizes simplicity and flexibility, and the curriculum is encompassed in just six techniques.

Ben Smith is the author of The Art of Longsword Fighting: Teaching the Foundations of Sigmund Ringeck’s Style. This book explains why the Liechtenauer tradition organized its material in such a unique way, and how to translate the most important first lessons into a foundational curriculum.

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We meet at ABU games in The Courtyard room, which is in the back at the end of the hall.

7211 W Colonial St, Boise, ID 83709

Advanced Class: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm on Saturday mornings

Beginners Class: 12:30 am – 2:30 pm on Saturday mornings

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