The Hilt and Cross Participation Form

Please print and submit this form in person to participate in Hilt & Cross Events and Practice


I the undersigned hereby state my intention to enroll myself / my child in the historical European martial arts classes of the Hilt & Cross.  I understand that martial arts classes pose some risk of injury to the participants, and that they are inherently dangerous.  While the likelihood of serious injury is very low, potential risks do include: bruises, abrasions, cuts, sprains, strains, soreness, fractured bones, lacerations, joint damage, damage to eyes, nose, face, teeth, skull, neck, and spine, concussions, brain damage, and death.  This list is not intended to be exhaustive, and other potential injuries could result.  For further information please contact the instructor by phone at: (208) 866-5833, or by e-mail at:


I acknowledge that I have read the above warning, and that I wish to undergo the training / have my child to undergo the training provided by the Hilt & Cross.  I certify that I have availed myself of the opportunity to acquaint myself with the potential for injury to my satisfaction.  With full knowledge of, and in spite of, the potential risks, I hereby waive my right to prosecute, sue, bring charges against, or institute any other legal proceedings against the Hilt & Cross, its owners, operators, instructors, staff, members, and visitors, for any injury which I or my child may receive while participating in activities conducted by the Hilt & Cross.

Printed Name of Participant/ Child: _________________________     Age of Participant: ________

Printed Name of Parent or Guardian: ___________________________

Signature of Participant, Parent or Guardian: ___________________________

Date: ___________________________________